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Many Raleigh NC homeowners love the idea of heating their home in an environmentally friendly manner, but aren’t sure how to make it happen. If the burning of fossil fuels doesn’t appeal to you, geothermal heating is an option that more and more people are turning to, in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Call our expert team at Your Service Professional to find out if this new green technology could be a good fit for you and your home.

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What Is Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating is a system whereby you heat your home using the energy from the earth. Under the ground, if you dig far enough, there is a spot that is 50 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. With a geothermal heating system, a heat pump and long pipes are used to draw the energy from the earth and send it to a distribution system inside your house. The pipes contain a liquid refrigerant that helps to complete the heat transfer. You can also use geothermal heat pumps in the summer to provide cooling for your house, or for heating water.

The Eco-Friendly Heating Option

Since no fuel source is being burned to create the heat, and the energy is being drawn from the earth, geothermal heating appeals to anyone that wants to be more eco-friendly. It also has other advantages over traditional heating methods, including being more energy efficient and quitter operation. The noise level of a geothermal heating system is roughly the same as a standard refrigerator and the increased efficiency means your heating bills will drop, which is news any homeowner would love.

Geothermal Heating Is a Big Commitment

Geothermal heating provides big benefits to those who are environmentally conscious, but it does take a big commitment on the part of the homeowner. There is a great deal of planning that must go into it, and the digging to install the pipes can be rather intrusive. For a home that’s around 2,000 square feet, you’ll need about 1,800 square feet of underground piping. Still, most people that make the commitment are happy they did. Your property value will be higher and there are federal tax incentives due to the environmental element.

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