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Just as too much humidity can pose a host of problems inside your home, not enough humidity is also a problem. When the air becomes overly dry inside your house, it becomes terribly uncomfortable for everyone and the only thing on your mind is how to get relief. A whole-house humidifier will help to balance out the moisture levels in the house in every room, so every member of your household feels the comfort. Trust Your Service Professional with all your humidifier needs in Raleigh NC and the surrounding Triangle area.

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Risks of Dry Air in Your House

If the air inside your house is overly dry, you may notice allergies and asthma flaring up more often than normal, and you may get more flus, colds and other viruses. The drier air can cause chapped lips, which may lead to splits and bleeding if you aren’t able to keep them continually moist. Severely dry mouth, itchy eyes and bloody noses are also on the agenda. If you have carpets in the house, the likelihood of static shocks increases, and if the humidity is exceptionally low, you may even see wood fixtures, walls and floors begin to crack.

Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers

When you have a whole-house humidifier installed in your home, you are able to control the humidity levels for the entire house. Usually, when someone uses portable units, only the room they are placed in will get relief. None of the other rooms are affected. This is the primary benefit of having a whole-house system installed, in addition to remedying the various negative effects of dry air.

What About the DIY Approach?

If you only want to use a portable humidifying unit or two, then the DIY approach will work, but for whole-house systems, it’s important to leave the installation to professionals. They know the different brand names and manufacturers, they are familiar with the building codes and they won’t void your warranty by doing something they weren’t supposed to do. Overall, professional installation makes sense.

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