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Not too many homeowners get excited about air ducts, and while they are anything but glamorous, they are still an important part of your heating and cooling system. If the air ducts are not in good shape, that heated or cooled air you’re waiting for won’t get to you the way it should, if at all. Air ducts are usually sturdy and stable if they’ve been properly installed, but it’s still wise to consider them when you think of your heating and cooling system, as a whole.

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What’s Wrong with Dirty Ducts?

Most homeowners have probably been approached by individuals or companies offering to clean their ducts for a great price. Duct cleaners have earned a bad reputation because of the “fly by night” nature of many of the companies, but the service is still important. When you leave your ducts for years on end without cleaning them out, there can be several inches of dirt and dust piled up, along with mold growth. As the forced air of your heater or AC blows through the ductwork, the dirt or mold spores can be distributed to your living space.

Air Duct Leaks Cost You Money

Along with dirt and mold buildup, air duct can develop leaks because of faulty installation or general aging of the system. When this happens, some of the air that is intended for the various rooms of your house ends up escaping into the attic, basement or another place it isn’t needed. Your system will have to work harder to reach the temperature you set, and your heating and cooling bills will be higher.

Professional vs. DIY Cleaning

When you enlist the help of a local, reputable duct cleaning company, you’ll get a much higher quality cleaning job than if you tried to do it yourself. Professional duct cleaners have the proper equipment to get the dirt and the mold spores out of your ductwork, while the average homeowner is stuck using an inferior vacuum they rented from the store, with no duct cleaning experience to back it up.

Just because dirty or faulty air ducts won’t cause your furnace or AC to stop working, doesn’t mean it isn’t a big problem. For superior service in Raleigh NC, call 919-251-5374 and we will send someone to thoroughly clean your ducts. You can also visit us on our Facebook.