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Many people enjoy hot, humid summer days, especially if the winter was cooler than normal, but if the humidity level in your home gets too high it can cause a host of problems. No matter how much you like humid days when you’re outside, high humidity in your home can be uncomfortable and has been associated with various health issues. Luckily, the team at Your Service Professional has the solution you need to reduce the humidity in your home with quality dehumidifier repairs and installations.

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The Need to Balance Humidity Levels

A dehumidifier in your home will literally suck the moisture out of the air and deposit it in a container or reservoir that is part of the system. There are chilled coils inside the unit that remove the moisture, and then the dehumidified air is sent back into the main areas of the house. A whole-house dehumidifier reduces the humidity level throughout the entire house, unlike portable units that can only help one room at a time. When a dehumidifier is in use, the overall air quality is better and everyone in the house will be more comfortable.

Moistures Encourages Organisms to Grow

One of the problems with excess moisture in your house is that it encourages life that you don’t want inside your house. This includes mold, bacteria, parasites and insects. If there is so much moisture that standing water forms in any areas of the house, the possibility for dangerous organisms is even greater.

Lowering Humidity for Your Health

A humid house has the potential to cause serious respiratory issues for anyone with diminished lung capacity or for small kids and elderly people. The air tends to feel thick when the humidity level is higher, making it difficult to breathe for some people. When you start using a whole-house dehumidifier, you have the ability to control the moisture level in the air, meaning no matter how hot and humid it gets outside, you can feel comfortable and relaxed inside your own home, which is exactly how it is supposed to be.

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