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In many parts of the country, including Raleigh NC, air conditioning seems like more of a necessity than luxury during the hot summer months. When the hot, humid air takes effect and it becomes like a sauna inside your home, an effective air conditioning system is the only viable way to cool it down. One type of air conditioning that has been growing in popularity is the ductless mini split AC system. As the name suggests, this system doesn’t make use of traditional air ducts, and it provides some noticeable benefits when compared to standard versions.

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Can I Go Ductless If I Have Air Ducts?

Many people want to know if they can have a ductless mini split AC system installed if they currently have a system using air ducts, and the answer is yes. During set up of the new system, the ducts can be bypassed so they aren’t in use. The ductless system uses an exterior unit with small pipes leading to an air handler on the inside of the house, but current systems can be easily modified.

Room-by-Room Cooling Options

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless mini split AC system is that you can cool individual rooms, unlike an air duct system that cools the entire house at one time. Having the ability to have the AC on in one room but not another enables you to keep all the members of your family happy, even if they have different preferences when it comes to indoor temperatures.

The Need for Professional Installation

Whether you’re having your current system updated to a ductless system, or you want it installed from scratch, insist on using professional service providers with direct experience installing ductless mini split AC systems. Using a low quality installer to trying to do it yourself will only lead to performance or safety issues that will need to be corrected. Choose a reputable, local installer for total peace of mind.

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