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It is no secret that summers in Raleigh NC can be scorching hot. Homeowners in the area need a dependable, cost-effective cooling specialist to provide AC services that will keep them cool all summer long. For many homeowners and businesses, that cooling specialist is Your Service Professional. We work with you to provide unique solutions that are designed to meet your specific home cooling needs.

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AC Repair and Maintenance You Can Trust

Living without a reliable cooling system in the middle of the summer in Raleigh NC is about as bad as it gets. If you notice an issue with yours, call a licensed AC repair specialist at the first sign of trouble. Some common parts that tend to malfunction include the air handler and evaporator coil. Normal wear and tear and faulty installation can cause the motor in your air handler to burn out. Other problems include electrical circuit malfunctioning, clogged air filters, and issues with the drain line. If the problem is your evaporator coil, your AC will run less efficiently. If your air is lukewarm instead of cold, there could be an issue with the coil. If you suspect an issue with your AC, trust the skilled team at Your Service Professional. With years of experience performing air handler and evaporator coil services, we have the know how and expertise to provide you with top notch repairs and maintenance services.

Quality AC Installation and Replacement

Considering replacing your old AC with a new one? If your current system is more than 10 years old, it may be time. Frequent repairs can be costly, so sometimes it’s best to install a new unit.

There are many different models and types of air conditioners to choose from and the experts at Your Service Professional can recommend great options for your home. In many cases, we recommend ductless mini split AC system installation for their small size and flexibility for cooling individual rooms to specific temperatures. That way, everyone stays happy as each family member can adjust the temperature of any room to their liking. Whether you are updating your current system to go ductless or you want one installed from scratch, calling a licensed professional for installation is always the way to go.

Safe, Effective Commercial Cooling

Keeping your building cool and comfortable is easy and cost effective with our professional cooling solutions. Whether you need maintenance, Air Conditioning Repair Raleigh NC or new commercial AC installation, our certified technicians work hard to provide personalized solutions to meet your needs. Working with the best brands in the industry, we ensure that your building is kept safe and comfortable. Your safety is our priority – if you experience a problem after hours, we have you covered with our 24-hour emergency service.

Benefits of Working With Us

When we opened our doors in 2002, we set out to give homeowners a better choice for their HVAC needs. Our trained and experienced technicians are passionate about their job and making customers happy. We listen to our clients and make sure that the solutions we provide check all the boxes and meet all their specific needs. In addition to this, we also include several unique features to benefit our customers and give our service additional value. These customer benefits include:

Upfront pricing: We believe in absolute transparency with our customers. This includes upfront pricing so that customers know exactly what to expect in terms of the rate and billing. Our customers will never pay hidden fees or service fees that were not discussed prior to the work beginning and all rates are confirmed and approved before we even start the job.

Fast turnarounds: Your time is valuable which is why we don’t waste any of it. No one wants to wait around for a plumber or HVAC specialist to show up. Our turnarounds are fast to ensure that you are not stuck waiting at home for one of our technicians to arrive. We respect your time.

Same-day service: Leaving a plumbing issue for a few days waiting for a plumber to take a look is completely counterproductive. In most cases, plumbing issues require immediate attention to ensure a safe, effective and inexpensive repair. Our same-day service ensures that you get the attention you need right away.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Whether it’s a burst pipe, broken water heater or malfunctioning water heater, we have you covered 24/7. Our expert technicians are on call 24-hours per day, seven days a week to keep your home and family protected.

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