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Water Softener Repair

Water softening is a method of water filtration that is intended to change hard water to soft water. When you call Your Service Professional to have a water softening system installed in your Wendell or Rocky Mount, NC home, every faucet will be treated and switched from hard to soft water removing the negative effects for the entire house. Hard water may not be dangerous, but it is definitely something you would rather live without.

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How Does Hard Water Get Its Name?

Hard water doesn’t actually feel hard, but the dissolved mineral content that’s in it gives it the name. The minerals in question are usually calcium and magnesium, drawn into the household water supply from nearby rock formations. Hard water doesn’t happen because of anything you’ve done wrong, it’s all about location.

How Can I Tell If Water Is Hard?

Although you can’t feel hard water or smell it, you can see the signs in your homer if you have it. Hard water produces a white residue called limescale that can get onto cookware, fixtures, faucets, appliances and other items that regularly come into contact with water. If you have hard water, you might also notice that soap won’t later up quite the same way, and your laundry might end up being stiff and scratchy instead of soft. If you notice any of these signs, there’s no need to panic, but you should give us a call if you’d like to get rid of it.

Consider a Long-Term Approach

There are plenty of DIY water softener products on the market, and some of them might work for a little while, but it’s important to note that hard water won’t just stop one day. If you want it gone for good, you will need a professional water softener installed, so the minerals are removed from all sources and you can have soft water from every faucet in the house. Most over the counter products are designed for limited use, so even if it works you’ll have to continue buying and using them.

Don’t let hard water cause problems in your Wendell or Rocky Mount, NC home. Call Your Service Professional at (919) 336-2969 today and we will send a technician out to your home to test the water and provide you with a water softening system that makes sense. You can also visit us on our Facebook.