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Tankless Water Heater Raleigh

Many homeowners in Raleigh NC and the Triangle area are deciding to switch to a tankless water heater. These modern units offer many benefits that you can take advantage of when you call the experts at Your Service Professional.

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How Do They Work?

Tankless water heaters are efficient and completely safe to use in your home. They work by connecting directly to your plumbing and heating the water as it passes. When hot water is requested at your tap, a series of high-efficiency heating elements turn on to quickly heat the water going to the faucet. This eliminates the need for a bulky water tank.

Benefits of Going Tankless

There are many benefits to these units, however, the most notable include:

Savings: Unlike a traditional water heater which must heat an entire tank full of water, a tankless unit only heats water that is being used and rests in standby mode when not in use. This will provide significant savings on your energy bill.

Space: Tankless units also eliminate the need for a bulky water tank, making them ideal for smaller homes looking to save space.

Unlimited hot water: Anyone who is the last person to take a shower in their household will understand how frustrating it is to run out of hot water mid-way through a shower. Since tankless units heat water directly from your plumbing, there is no chance of that happening, and you get access to unlimited hot water.

How Long Do These Units Last?

Traditional water heaters work for about 10-15 years before they begin to lose efficiency and require more frequent repairs. Alternatively, a tankless unit lasts up to five years longer than a traditional system since there are not as many components likely to wear out. This is an additional benefit of these systems since you won’t need to replace it as often.

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