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Submersible Sump Pump

Sump pumps aren’t required for every home, but they are very useful in homes that have been built on uneven ground or have poor natural drainage away from the house. The basement is the area most at risk, and that is where a sump pump is typically located if you live on a property that needs one. Your Service Professional’s expert team can help you determine if a sump pump is right for your home.

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Submersible Sump Pump Advantages

If you live in a home that warrants its use, a sump pump provides several benefits. When there are heavy rainstorms that result in an excess of water around your Raleigh NC house, the sump pump will remove the water and prevent issues like water damage and mold growth from happening. When there is too much water around the foundation of the house, water can build up behind the foundation and create hydrostatic pressure. It has the potential to cause structural damage, but a sump pump will help relieve it.

Reasons Your Sump Pump Stopped Working

Having a sump pump provides benefits, but a broken one will not help you at all. Some of the reasons a sump pump stops working include problems with the electrical circuits, a blown motor, issues with the filtration sump pit or dirt and debris clogging up the pump. Sump pumps are especially prone to being plugged up after a heavy rain and windstorm.

Don’t Wait to Have It Repaired

Naturally, the longer you go without a functioning sump pump, the greater the risk of flooding and damage if you encounter a big storm. You may relax a little when no rain is in the forecast, but that is the ideal time to have it repaired so it’s ready the next time you need it. If you wait until a storm is coming, or it’s already raining, it may be too late.  You could suffer some flooding, requiring more costly repairs and cleanup.

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