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Whether the issue is in your bathroom or kitchen expert Raleigh Faucets, Fixtures & Sink Plumbing is a just phone call away at 919-336-2969. Your Service Professional will send a specialist to assess the situation and find the solution you need. Take advantage of our current online coupons and save on your next project.

Sink Plumbing

Faucets, fixtures and sinks add character to a bathroom or kitchen, but since they are tied in with your plumbing system, there is always the chance that something can happen that requires a repair or a replacement. Along with adding aesthetic value, these components also provide valuable functions inside your Raleigh NC house, so it’s important to keep them working efficiently. With over a decade of experience providing reliable plumbing solutions for homeowners and businesses in the area, Your Service Professional is the team to call for expert faucet, fixture and sink installation and repair.

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Are My Faucets Too Old?

As time goes by, style isn’t the only issue that may come up with your bathroom or kitchen faucets. As washers and gaskets wear down, you may notice leaking around the base of your faucet, or there may be a noticeable change in water pressure. The fix for these problems isn’t overly complex, but you should still make a point of having it done before the leaking water causes any real damage.

Professional Installation to Complete the Project

If you are getting into home renovations that include your bathroom or kitchen, it makes sense to allow a professional to install your faucets, sinks and similar fixtures. These parts are often thought of as “finishing” pieces that cap off the room after you’ve painted walls, replaced floors and added new appliances. However, if you make plumbing mistakes with these parts you may end up putting a damper on the whole project because subtle leaks could ruin some of your new finishes.

What’s Happening Underneath that Leaky Faucet?

Whether there has been a remodel or not, if there is a leak that isn’t visible from the outside, the damage may be extensive. Even if you see mild leaking or dripping on the outside, there may be rotting wood and mold growth underneath. That is why it’s so important to take action as soon as you notice any type of leak around your home’s faucets, fixtures or sinks.

Raleigh Faucets, Fixtures & Sink Plumbing don’t always get the same kind of attention as other elements of your plumbing system, but they are equally important. Call Your Service Professional at 919-336-2969 if you are in need of repairs or installations in Raleigh NC and the surrounding Triangle area. We will send one of our skilled technicians to take a closer look and provide the answers you need. You can also visit us on our Facebook.