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Shower Installation Raleigh

Your shower and tub accomplish a lot when it comes to the aesthetic value of your bathroom, but it’s important to remember the key functions they provide. Often times, we tend to take for granted that the shower and tub will always work flawlessly, but there is always the chance of leaks and other issues that require professional attention. Trust the expert plumbers at Your Service Professional for your bathroom comfort needs.

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When Should I Replace My Tub?

There are a few different scenarios that would cause you to replace your bath tub. If you’ve been using the same tub for years and it starts to show age, it’s usually a good time for replacement. If the tub is cracked or you think there may be leaks underneath, then replacement is a good option. A water leak under the tub will rot wood and can eventually weaken the integrity of the floor, making for a dangerous situation. Mold and mildew are other consequences of a leaking tub that will require replacement and possibly a substantial cleanup.

If you’ve had a fire in the house, or if there has been a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood, replacement may be necessary. Sometimes, the tub works just fine and the homeowner wants a different look to the bathroom. This scenario is all about aesthetics and not function, but it’s a common reason for bathtub replacement.

Maintenance Helps Them Last Longer

If you schedule maintenance visits every so often from your plumber, you can stay on top of any leaks that will compromise the integrity of your tubs and showers. If you notice any signs of moisture or mold around the tub it’s important to call, but having regular check-ups will go a long way toward preventing a problem in the first place.

Why Trust the Pros vs. DIY

Many homeowners want to give the DIY approach a try when it comes to tub and shower installation, but that’s usually not a good idea. The average homeowner doesn’t have the skills, experience or tools to perform a successful shower or tub installation, not to mention following building codes and troubleshooting leaks. Leave the installation to the pros and you’ll be much better off.

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