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Within seconds of a pipe bursting in your home, you may experience significant water damage and flooding. If a pipe bursts, call the experts that other homeowners in Raleigh NC have trusted since 2002: Your Service Professional.

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What Causes Burst Pipes?

A burst pipe can happen at any time. However, some common factors may contribute to them. Here are some of the most common causes for ruptured pipes in your home:

Freezing: In the winter, freezing cold temperatures may cause the water in your pipes to freeze, and, therefore, expand. This puts pressure on the pipes that eventually causes them to burst.

Chemical drain cleaners: Using chemical drain cleaners also weakens the pipes over time, creating thin areas that are prone to burst with repeated use.

Clogged toilets: Clogs in your pipes will cause massive amounts of pressure to build up that may eventually rupture a pipe.

What To Do When It Happens

If a burst pipe happens to you, there are a couple things you should do. The first step is not to panic, and quickly turn off the main water line to your home. This will prevent flooding and stop the water going through the pipes. The next step is to call Your Service Professional for a fast, reliable repair. Once we arrive, we will assess the situation and recommend if the pipe should be repaired or completely replaced if the damage is more extensive.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

There are a few things you can do at home to prevent burst pipes from happening. They include:

  • Install inexpensive pipe insulation on any pipes that could be exposed to cold air.
  • Seal any cracks in your wall that may expose pipes to cold air. Even a crack less than an inch wide can let in enough cold air to freeze a pipe.
  • Repair clogged toilets and pipes as soon as you notice them so that there is no built up pressure in the system.
  • Avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

Let’s Work Together

When homeowners need fast, reliable service, they call us. Our technicians are truly passionate about helping customers save money and keep their homes protected with efficient plumbing systems. Check out some of our unique customer features and benefits that add even more value to our work:

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