Dependable Leak Detection Services

For fast, reliable Raleigh NC water leak detection services, call Your Service Professional at 919-336-2969 today. We will send one of our plumbing experts to your location to find even the sneakiest water leak and provide you with a practical, cost-effective solution. Take advantage of our current online coupons and discounts and save on your next service.

Leak Detection Services

When you have a water leak that is happening right in front of your eyes, it doesn’t take much investigation to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it. However, if the leak is hidden behind walls, under floors or behind vanities or fixtures, the process becomes more challenging. That’s where the art of professional leak detection comes in. You can trust the skilled team at Your Service Professional for all of your home’s leak detection and plumbing needs in Raleigh NC.

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How to Identify a Hidden Leak

Hidden leaks can happen inside your home, and while they don’t make themselves known immediately, you will see the signs before too long. The signs that indicate you may have a hidden water leak include higher water bills, damp floors, carpet, drywall or ceilings, mold growth or possibly even the sound of trickling water behind a wall or under a floor. Any general dampness or signs of moisture in your home may indicate a hidden water leak, so if you see any of them, call for professional help.

Don’t Wait to Call for Help

Water leak detection is a service that enables plumbers to find hidden leaks. It is important to call the moment you notice a sign of trouble. There is a very good chance that the signs you are seeing are not from a leak that just started today. Depending on where it is, the leak may have started days or even weeks ago, and if the leak has been around for that long, it has caused some sort of damage. In order to keep the damage to a minimum, call as soon as possible.

Problems With the DIY Approach

Trying to save money by locating the leak on your own may seem like a good idea, but the likelihood of you pinpointing its location is slim to none. We use only the most advanced equipment to accurately spot the leak. Our experienced, expertly trained technicians know what they are looking for, and how to find it.

If you suspect a water leak in your Raleigh NC home, but can’t seem to find it, call Your Service Professional at 919-336-2969 today. We will send one of our experts to locate the leak in the least invasive way possible and provide you with a solution that makes sense. You can also visit us on our Facebook.