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Raleigh NC Heater Repair and Replacement Services in Raleigh NC

Raleigh NC Heater Repair and Replacement Services in Raleigh NC

With over 14 years of experience in Raleigh NC, Your Service Professional has all the tools and skills to provide comprehensive heater installation and replacement services. Whether your heater is old and you need an upgrade, or your current unit is costing you too much in repairs, we can help.

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Reasons to Install a New Heater

No one wants to install a new heater unless they have to. Homeowners often try to avoid extra expenses with repairs and maintenance, however, there a few warning signs that point to a full replacement being the better option. Some of these signs include:

  • If the heater requires frequent repairs that are starting to add up.
  • Your heating costs are rising due to the system working inefficiently.
  • The system is so old that replacement parts are no longer available and discontinued.

How to Make Your Heater Last Longer

Professional maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your heater. By getting the unit inspected annually, you will save money on energy bills and improve the longevity of the heater. This means it won’t need to be replaced as often and you will get more efficient years out of your current heater. With that being said, it’s still more beneficial for homeowners to replace the heater as soon as it starts lagging in its performance since it will ultimately save you more money in the long run.

Why DIY Isn’t a Good Idea

Many home projects are perfectly safe to try on your own or DIY. Heater installation is not one of those projects. Installing a new heater should always be left to the professionals since we are experienced and trained in the proper installation of these units. We work with all building and safety codes while ensuring your new heater is seamlessly integrated with your existing components and will work safely and efficiently.

Benefits of Working With Us

Your Service Professional is passionate about quality and making sure our customers get the service they deserve. We work with homeowners to provide unique solutions designed to meet your personal needs, save you money and improve your HVAC efficiency. We also include the following features and benefits that add further value to our work:

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Same-day service
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Upfront pricing

Our Preferred Supplier is YORK

york heat pumps

Affinity™ Series

Affinity™ Series heat pumps offer higher energy efficiency than standard models — plus, an innovative QuietDrive™ Comfort System for very silent operation.


Raise your comfort level with our premium split system heat pump technology.

  • Advanced compressor design satisfies the degree of comfort you need.
  • QuietDrive™ Sound Reduction system includes swept wing fan, sound enclosure and composite base.
  • Get precise temperature control for ultimate comfort.

Save energy with a high-efficiency model.

  • High efficiency models up to 20 SEER and 11.0 HSPF deliver year-around cooling and heating comfort for less money.
  • Use the Affinity™ Hx™ Touch-screen Thermostat for greater control, more even temperatures,energy savings and heat pump efficiency.

Feel confident with built-in protections and certified safeties.

  • No annual maintenance needed on permanently lubricated fan motor bearings.
  • Withstands weather with finish that is 33% more durable than conventional powder-paint finishes.
  • Demand defrost assures complete defrost and energy efficient operation.’


Save money on your heating bill and improve efficiency with a new heater this season. Call 919-336-2969 for professional heater installation and replacement in Raleigh NC today. Our technicians will recommend a new unit to meet all your needs. You can also visit us on our Facebook.